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a Natsu x Lucy Community

♥ Natsu x Lucy ♥
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Welcome to NatsuxLucy! A community dedicated to the pairing of Natsu and Lucy from the popular manga 'Fairy Tail'!

Fan of these two? Please feel free to join us! You're more than welcome to post NatsuxLucy related news, media, discussions, art, fanfiction, icons, doujinshis, or just about everything related to the couple!


1. To put it simply, NO FLAMING! This community is for people who enjoy the couple, not haters who want to complain!
2. Show some respect towards anyone who posts here. Everyone has an opinion, just put yours across maturely!
3. Anything that is posted must be related to NatsuxLucy in some way or another. We will literally allow everything you can think of posting so long as it's about the couple.
4. Remember, lj-cut is your friend! Any spoilers, NC-17/R-rated materials, huge pictures should be placed inside an lj-cut tag. Please go here if you're unsure what to do.
5. Please do not join the community just to argue with people and
try to disprove this pairing.
6. Most importantly: Have fun! :D


If you have any questions, concerns or problems, please contact the mod, seltap.


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